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We just got licensed to all of Andy Park's Wurlitzer band organ style 150 and 165 arrangements.  to Andy Adams for sale to organ owners with MIDI systems that play standard non-Stinson AMI formats.  There are about 30 style 150 arrangements and about 150 style 165 arrangements.  These are excellent Andy Park arrangements.  Click on shop link at the top of this page to see his midi files.  Later on we will have a link on the midi files page of his work.  To make it easy to view sometime in the next few weeks it will be up on there.  If you order 10 or more files you will get a 10% OFF your order.  He is a very talented music arranger for band organs.  He step right in and took the late Rich Olsen style and put it to work, I think you all will love his work.

Andy Park first became interested in all types of mechanical music about age eight.  First, seeing a Porter Disc Player at FAO Schwarz Toy Store.  Next, to the museum of Science and Industry in Waltham, MA at age 11 and two player pianos, and the first exposure to a perforated roll.


Then, to Rye Playland with the first exposure to a carousel band organ, and that was the first major hook!  A search of the internet found Matthew Caulfield’s band organ site, and the exposure to a Wurlitzer style 165 band organ.  From there, to other carousels and band organs in the East.


Andy is a musician, playing the piano, organ, squeezebox, and much more. All that started his interest in arranging music for band organs, starting in 2009, with guidance from the late Rich Olsen.  He did several arrangements and about 2014 began to work with Glenn Thomas in producing arrangements for Wurlitzer band organs, mainly style 165.  Andy has arranged over 150 tunes for the style 165 band organ alone.  His arrangements appear on over a dozen rolls, and his arrangements are in demand for band organ owners who commission him for special tunes and rolls.


Andy is also a good piano tuner with perfect pitch and a keen ear. 


He has expanded into arranging for Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) Rolls, and is beginning to work on other scales.

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Bill Finkenstein is the founder of The New England Carousel Museum from 1989 until 1994. In 1991 Bill and his wife Claudia made the museum a non-profit 501(c) organization. Since I had worked for Bill at the NECM I asked if I could use the Gold Leaf Galleries name and he graciously said yes! Since then, I have been operating Gold Leaf Galleries as a Carousel Band Organ Music Roll business & Gift Shop. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for on these pages please be sure to contact us.