Whirling Melodies

Commemorative CD
Celebrating The 100th Anniversary of
The Ontario Beach Park Dentzel Menagerie Carrousel
Wurlitzer Military Band Organ Style 165


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  1. Side By Side 1:57
  2. Iím Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover 2:07
  3. Blue Skies 2:09
  4. Rosy Cheeks 1:43
  5. Oh Lizzie 1:51
  6. Silver Moon 1:41
  7. Hello Cutie 2:03
  8. Pretty Little Thing 1:57
  9. My Regular Girl 2:00
  10. Hoosier Sweetheart 2:09
  11. My Blue Heaven 1:51
  12. Me And My Shadow 1:49
  13. Oh The Whippoorwill Sings 1:52
  14. The Night Of Love 1:42
  15. Among My Souvenirs 2:04
  16. Kiss Waltz 3:41
  17. Charmaine 2:04
  18. What Do We Do On A ? 2:03
  19. Thereís A Trick In Pickiní 2:06
  20. Diane 1:54
  21. Together, We Two 1:52
  22. Yes, We Have No Bananas 2:00
  23. Dreamy Melody 1:46
  24. Good Night 1:47
  25. Youíve Got To See Mama Every Night 2:18
  26. You Know You Belong To Somebody Else 1:55
  27. Peter Pan (I Love You) 1:54
  28. The Midnight Waltz 1:41
  29. Vienna Blood Waltz 2:50
  30. The Happy Wanderer 0:45
Total Time 60 minutes

Layout and Liner Notes by:
Jackie Kaspersin
Recorded and Mastered by:
Dave Kaspersin May, 2005

      What would this treasured carousel be without bold music 
to accompany the ride? Here are the happy sounds of the 
merry-go-round recreated with our thanks to Frank Allkofer, 
Director of Monroe County Parks; Don Irvine, Deputy Director 
of Monroe County Parks, and Marie Poinan of the 
Ontario Beach Park Program Committee. 
Special thanks to consultants Alan Mueller, Matthew Caulfield, 
Don Stinson, and Geraldine Elliott.

    Ontario Beach Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario 
at the mouth of the Genesee River. In addition to offering traditional 
park usage, the park also hosts a variety of special events, concerts 
and Big Band dances. 
For Information please call 585-865-3320

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