Christmas At Lake Compounce Vol. 1
153 Military Style Band Organ

Lake Compounce Theme Park
Bristol, Connecticut

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  1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Waltz
  2. A Holly Jolly Christmas - Two Step MP3
  3. Sleigh Ride - One Step MP3
  4. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Two Step
  5. Silver Bells - Waltz
  6. Winter Wonderland - Two Step MP3
  7. Petersburg Sleigh Ride - Galop
  8. Jingle Bell Rock - Two Step
  9. Deck The Halls - Waltz MP3
  10. Ave Maria - Waltz

Christmas On The Carousel Band Organ    
    Andy Adams first introduced himself to Dynamic Recording 
when he wrote to us (as a young boy) about Dave’s Carousel 
Breezes recordings of the Wurlitzer band organ at Seabreeze 
Park. We still have that letter and it’s dated 1990.  Andy said 
he really liked carousel music - quite an understatement, as it turns out.

    This collection of holiday melodies features the band organ 
“performing” tunes that we associate with the traditional American 
Christmas season - with a couple of notable exceptions. 
Petersburg Sleigh Ride is not often heard, and the Ave Maria takes 
on a whole new identity in its band organ rendition. Truly exceptional 
music - and a nice gift from Andy to us all.

                                   Thanks Andy and Merry Christmas!

                                            Dave & Jackie Kaspersin
Producer Andy Adams thanks:
Lake Compounce Theme Park lakecompounce.com
Arranger Rich Olsen richpoor@pacbell.net
Bob Newman of RA Newman Organ Co. RI, ranewmanco@aol.com
John Ravert Sr. 
Dynamic Recording Rochester NY, dynrec.com
Mechanical Music Digest mmdigest.com
Carousel Organ Association of America  coaa.us
The Carousel News & Trader 
PlayRite Music Rolls Inc.
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