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Play Your MIDI files from an SD Memory Card.
Files can be arranged in folders.
PLAY - PAUSE - STOP controls
Increase or Decrease Tempo
Power from battery or Optional wall power supply
Panel mount or Portable Case Unit
Polarity Protection

Photo shown with optional wall power supply.
Manufactured in the U.S. Using German Technology
Price just for the reader $325.00 + $10.00 S/H
Simplified version of the ReadeR, Plays MIDI 0 files from SD memory card. No record, no remote Optional Accessories: Wall power supply. Battery cable. Controls UP- These two controls enable scrolling through files and folders DOWN on the card. The screen displays file name, long names will scroll. Second line on display shows number of files and size. Folders are indicated by Buttons allow scrolling through files while playing or fast search by holding the respective button down. LEFT- Press “RIGHT” to enter a folder, “LEFT” to exit a folder. RIGHT Once a folder is selected, the display will show “..” Pressing Up or Down will scroll within the folder. PLAY Press one time to start playing the displayed file. The file size is replaced by the playing time. Press again to pause. Press again to continue. “S” (speed) Tempo can be raised or lowered while playing with the LEFT or RIGHT buttons. STOP Press “STOP” to terminate playing a file, or to exit the Menu Stopping during playing, returns to beginning of song. UP + Pressing “UP” and “DOWN” together will enter the options DOWN menu. Up or Down scroll through the options, Left and Right scroll within the option. Pressing “STOP” will close the menu and save the changes. -2- Options Menu 1. Drum Default setting is channel 10. Change using Left or Right. Channel 2. Lyrics Displays on the screen any lyrics in the MIDI file (Karaoke) Option 1) enables, 2) disables, Change with Left or Right Default is: Enabled. 3. Channel Select the channel to mute using “Right”. Enter “X” with the “Left” button. Default is all channels enabled. 4. Repeat Select the option with “LEFT” or “RIGHT” 0) Play Single file then Stop 1) Play Single file repeatedly until stopped 2) Play all files in a directory then stop. Some versions have next-wait that stops after every song. The cue moves to the next song in the directory, then goes into Pause. 3) Play all files in a directory repeatedly till stopped 4) Play random files till stopped 5. Manual Not used. Cal. 6. Track Suggested to be left at “0” this puts a delay between files Delay when playing. 7. External Select option with “LEFT” or “RIGHT” Control 0) No external input (crank shaft speed sensor) 1) Crankshaft pulse input 2) Tempo follows crank speed 3) Proportional speed control 8. Ext. BPM Default setting is 60 pulses per minute. 9. Min BPM Minimum speed of pulses that are read, default is 20 10. Lead Pulse Number of crankshaft counts before song starts playing -3- Notes: Name brand SD Memory cards work best. Cards have to be formatted with FAT (FAT 16) Card Error message is usually a formatting error. Files have to be in General MIDI 0. There are some free and paid programs that will convert type 1 files to type 0. Cards from 32 Mb. To 2 Gb. Usually work. We have tested both full size SD cards, micro and mini size cards. A very few do not work. It is my suggestion to put your favorite files on a card, without the directory structure. The software will recognize 255 files in 255 directories but it gets confusing both trying to get into the separate directories then up and down to fine a particular file. Hours of music will fit on one card. Accessories: Plug in wall power supply Two wire cord for battery power SD Memory cards Built in the U.S.A. Custom units made to order. Options include other display types, MIDI IN socket for recording, Battery compartment and 9v battery clip. (with lighted display, operating time is very limited.) Section #2 Modular Magnet Driver Photo shows one controller module with one magnet driver board. Each magnet driver board will support 32 notes. Additional driver boards can be plugged together to get up to 128 outputs. All notes are field programmable to any note on any channel. Price $50.00 ea + $10.00 S/H
Section #3 Control Board MIDI IN Price $58.50 ea + $10.00 S/H
Section #4 SD-MIDI READER WALL POWER SUPPLY $16.00 ea + $10.00 S/H